Age Eternal – Wash Away – IOD028 – LP


  1. Saturn Knows I'm Here Age Eternal 1:00
  2. Wash Away Age Eternal 1:00
  3. Temples Are Burning Age Eternal 1:00
  4. Dropout Age Eternal 1:00
  5. Sacrifice Age Eternal 1:00
  6. Tissue Of The Mind Age Eternal 1:00
  7. Your Face Looks Different Tonight Age Eternal 1:00

Age Eternal is the solo project of german musician and visual artist Lissa Benno. Since 2015, she has been diving into the subconscious to find her own musical language. With reverb-drenched guitars, hypnotic synths and ethereal vocals she creates a dreamy yet heavy haze. Her influences come from a wide variety of musical styles such as Ambient or Krautrock while she is also drawn to pop-music and mysticism.

“Wash Away” is a meditation about change as an universal force that is both fulfilling and terrifying. “Before and throughout the writing of the record I saw myself confronted with significant alterations in my daily life, which I sometimes had a hard time dealing with” says Lissa. The record bows down to that mighty ruthless force that is entrenched into everyone and everything that surrounds us and the potential that lies within it.

This LP is co-released by Third Coming Records (fr), Instruments Of Discipline (de),

Premium Abundance (dk).

Written and produced by Lissa Benno
Mixed by Paolo Pareja
Mastered by Enrico Mercaldi
Layout by Luyu Zou

Weight 300 g


Ambient, KRAUTROCK, Shoegaze



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