Steno – Songs For Pneumonia – LP – PD003


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»Steno« marks SONGS FOR PNEUMONIA’s debut album. After one EP release as part of the magazine »Verschiebung« the Leipzig-/ Halle-/Berlin-based quartet claims attention with this 5-track LP.
Making experimental electronic music as a comparatively rare band-like outfit finds expression in their improvisation colored, peculiar sound. Carried by the exeptional use of all kinds of (non-)instruments, voices, digital & analog hard- and software as well as a modular system »Steno« stands paradigmatically for a modern hybrid of analog-digital soundscapes constantly wandering on the dubious edge between music and noise.
Due to piling up greatly dense tracks SONGS FOR PNEUMONIA is constantly distenting the concept of the ambient-genre. Driven by the band-internal enthusiasm for both electro-accustic noises and more dancefloor suitable sounds this album also contains tendencies of beat-structures which dislimn inbetween shifting synth sequences and reverbarant singings. It can be assumed that not least the presence of Stanley Schmidt (maybe familiar to you because of his activity as a House-DJ & -producer and co-founder of Rivulet Records) establishs slack connec- tions with more rhythmic music.
As the album progresses overlapping sound- textures flow into contortion and often positively poise in oscillation between digital hecticness packed in shivering clicks & cuts and on the other side decelerating, spheric moments. Paired with anomalous clangs & chinks plus the subtle, hard to decipher emergence of Clemens Bach’s guitar this record becomes a fascinating, multilayered offer to literally dive into.
The black vinyl 12” is limited to 300 pieces.

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 30,50 × 30,50 × 0,4 cm


DRONES, Experimental, Experimental Electronics, Industrial



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