Dead Fader – “Glass Underworld” – LP – RER021


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  1. rer021-01-boom-town-mstrd 1:00
  2. rer021-02-glass-cathederal-mstrd 1:00
  3. rer021-03-mud-underworld-mstrd 1:00
  4. rer021-04-nine-strokes-mstrd 1:00
  5. rer021-05-penchant-mstrd 1:00
  6. rer021-06-not-one-mstrd 1:00
  7. rer021-07-thunderstorm-mstrd 1:00
  8. rer021-08-too-busy-mstrd 1:00

Dead Fader returns with his new album ‘Glass Underworld’.

Dead Fader is the alter ego of John Cohen – former Brighton resident, now based in Berlin – who has worked relentlessly since 2007 to realise his vision of electronic music. His tracks are characterised by pioneering sound explorations, which on one hand oscillate between sonic extremities and on the other hand carefully craft cinemascope sound worlds.

Glass Underworld became a very personal exploration for John, developing further his emotionally tinged brand of Techno which he established with the previous EP Sun Copter.
Furthermore, the film Interstellar visually influenced the album, mapped as an image for Cohen’s tracks to exist in.

“I have watched his talent, his confidence in his ability and his output just grow and grow beyond what most humans are capable of imagining, never mind making. I think that comes from a place of wonder and exploration, a place where emotion, energy and experience are important; the long and narrow, the deaf arena, the blood forest and the glass cathedrals. Dead Fader rips you backwards through the portal as existence explodes around you, but you don’t perish in the fire. It’s just a ride.”
– Barry Pendergast, former partner in Dead Fader

“a cerebral piece of techno production, gently probing the boundaries while retaining an emotional flourish.”
Clash Magazine

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Dimensions 30,50 × 30,50 × 0,4 cm


Experimental, IDM, Leftfield



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