Zanias – Chrysalis – F//028 – LP/CD


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  1. 01 Simulation 1:30
  2. 02 Metrics 1:30
  3. 03 Burial 1:31
  4. 04 Lovelife 2:00
  5. 05 Closing 2:00
  6. 06 Teatree 2:00
  7. 07 Departure 1:30
  8. 08 Chrysalis 2:00

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140g transparent blue and green galaxy marble vinyl housed in a matte 3mm cardboard sleeve with lyrics insert featuring photography and artwork by Hidrico Rubens. Limited to 300 copies.

The creation of ‘Chrysalis’ was a retreat from a seemingly endless string of unfortunate events, a cocoon from which Zanias could weave hope from hopelessness. In each of its eight songs she has engineered unique worlds to express alternate facets of the modern human experience, from burnout and the toxicity of capitalism to processing death and the inherent isolation of personal trauma.

Written and recorded between Berlin and the rainforest of Queensland, Australia, the sound design of ‘Chrysalis’ reflects the rich biodiversity of the latter environment, where she drew much of her inspiration. Her voice shifts and morphs into ghostly, alien forms between catchy hooks that plant this album firmly in the ‘pop’ genre, without losing the underground rawness and lyrical depth
for which she is known.

With her third full-length album, Zanias is expressing her truest form thus far, fusing her seemingly discordant influences into a genre-defying electronic artpop, as dark
and evocative as it is ethereal and uplifting.

Written and produced by Alison Lewis
Bass guitar on ‘Lovelife’ by Laura Bailey
Mixed by Ewan Kay
Mastered by Alain Paul
Photography and artwork by Hidrico Rubens
Sigil by Nat Soba
Design and layout by Alison Lewis
Makeup by Eavan Derbyshire

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Artpop, Cold Wave, EBM, Electronic, Synthpop


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