Joane Skyler – “Serious Time” – LP – CER01


  1. Qua Chh SKYLER, Joane 0:56
  2. Basel SKYLER, Joane 1:22
  3. Feeble SKYLER, Joane 2:00
  4. Rng Rpg SKYLER, Joane 0:57
  5. Mm SKYLER, Joane 2:00
  6. OO Piano SKYLER, Joane 1:07
  7. Sleep Spell SKYLER, Joane 2:00
  8. Stench SKYLER, Joane 2:00
  9. Quoit SKYLER, Joane 1:23
  10. Qualm SKYLER, Joane 2:00
  11. Waterfell SKYLER, Joane 1:20
  12. Health SKYLER, Joane 1:16

Serious Time is Joane Skyler’s forth novel following ‘orz’ and the Skyler&Kinlaw LP on Reckno and ‘SSSSSSSSSS’ on Boomkat Editions.

Serious Time births you into a tangerine tinted-sci fi like inauguration of gently pulsating, rising and falling synths, you find yourself stumbling out of bed after a night on the alcoholic blue milk, opening your space blinds to multiple suns rising over some big pyramid building strewn in lights and a couple of flying cars knocking about the sky which is foggy probably. Load up all your favourite cubase (circa 1998) plug ins and run through them at a progressive velocity, tapping the ^ key repeatedly, until you reach enlightenment.

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 30,5 × 30,5 × 0,4 cm


Ambient, BREAKS, Broken Beat, Electro, Experimental, Techno



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