H∑RM∑S – Almost Human – [PI.002] – LP



RELEASE DATE 26th 06 2017

PI.002 is a 12″ heavyweight black vinyl LP written and produced by H∑RM∑S, first album of the artist and also on the label. Work that assembles the soundscape from Primal Instinct forward into a harsh avant garde sound.
Almost human is the name of it, and consists in a 11 track album with a strong concept behind it. As the artist has baptism, “Necronoise” aesthetics englobes dogma, metaphysics, poetic terrorism and theology as a manifesto regarding the learning of dying as a purification in life.

“All that was, is and will be.
All that is, will be and was.
All that will be, was and is.”

Weight 300 g


Dark Ambient, DRONES, Experimental, Industrial



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