Various Artists – Radio Resistencia – ET001 – CD


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With our compilations Electronic Renaissance (Enfant04) and Festival der Genialen Dissidenten (Enfant11) we gave an overview of contemporary independent electronic music. With Radio Resistencia we give another overview of independent music as we see it… and this time not strictly limited to electronic music.

For those familiar with Enfant Terrible there will be some bands you have heard before, but there are also many new bands and sounds to be found on this disc. Bands and sounds that are part of our universe now…

Featured are 18 bands from around the world, from Sweden to Australia and from Turkey to the USA. All selected with care to present this mix of sounds and moods.

This is our transmission straight into your living room. Welcome to our world, welcome to our sound and welcome to our show!

1. Swann Danger – Hit The Bricks
2. Black Ice – Bells of Sicily
3. Headcollision – Fireman
4. Saralunden – Les Mains d’un Autre
5. Luisa LaChouf – Thousand Miles of Dreaming
6. Popsimonova – Obrisi
7. Flying Bodies – Transformer
8. Florence Foster Fan Club – Subliminal Neurosis
9. :codes – Something Ahead
10. Agent Side Grinder – The Screams
11. Dolina – Once Again
12. kim ki o – Mutsuzsunuz, Hepiniz
13. Model Z – Military March
14. Le Moine – Amnesia
15. Antlers Mulm – Painted Grave (Blue Version)
16. Distel – Fand
17. Wermut – The Systematic Destruction of Craving
18. oplen – Music For Trains

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EBM, Industrial, Post Punk, Synthpop



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