Wunderblock – Autopoiesis [IBID.1] – CD


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  1. Autopoiesis Intro Wunderblock 1:30
  2. U-Turn To Lost Highway [Album Version] Wunderblock 1:30
  3. Schwarzgerät [Pre-Launch] Wunderblock 1:30
  4. Kinetika Wunderblock 1:30
  5. Achilles And The Tortoise Wunderblock 1:30
  6. Shaboldub Wunderblock 1:30
  7. Whore Pension Dub Wunderblock 1:30
  8. Safari Dub Wunderblock 2:00
  9. Red Oktober (Arcuation Dub Edit) Wunderblock 1:30

Limited 100 copies.

A Wunderblock trio in full bloom returns to its dub and ambient roots with a milestone album. The release represents the smoky atmosphere at their Moscow studio, where numerous jam sessions were recorded by the band during 2008-2018. The tracks are cinematic and narrative — a kaleidoscope of dreams that journeys from allusions to David Lynch (“U-Turn To Lost Highway”) and Thomas Pinchon (“Schwarzgerät”), through the irony of mythological paradoxes (“Achilles And The Tortoise”) and the sincerity of exotic nature (“Safari Dub”), to the bloody nightmare of the Russian Revolution (“Red Oktober”, remixed by Arcuation). It’s an anthology of Wunderblock’s downtempo, non-techno works, a mesmerizing trip from dark ambient and IDM to post-dub and noise.

Written & produced by Wunderblock [Igor Ivanov, Michael Teplov, Vladimir Kochenov] during 2008-2018.
Track 9 remixed by Michael Chernev.
Track 2 courtesy of KultFRONT.
Track 8 courtesy of FormResonance.
Mastered & edited by Michael Teplov at Principi Di Musica, Moscow, Russia, in 2020.
Artwork by Roman Sht.
Layout by Michael Teplov.
Format: CD / Digital

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