Nihillist Sounds – Ritual EP – FC1 – CD


  1. Ritual Nihilist Sounds 1:01
  2. Crocodile Nihilist Sounds 1:02
  3. Burning Chrome Nihilist Sounds 1:01
  4. Dark & Heavy Nihilist Sounds 1:01
  5. Dark & Heavy (rework) Nihilist Sounds 1:00

Nihilist Sounds is one of the aliases of C. O’Grady hailing from Dublin, Ireland. His music first caught my intention through his participation on a compilation 12” EP released by Uncompromising Analog Terror. A label run by Dutch hardcore/acidcore producer The Untitled. This “Ritual EP” for Freedom Club is only the second EP by Nihilist Sounds.

The music by Nihilist Sounds is uncompromising for sure. It is hard-hitting, brutal and material for ruptured eardrums. His beats and sounds are all-hardware generated, never over produced and no-nonsense. Think classic hardcore with touches of acid and an overall dark and industrial mood and feeling. This music will make any dancefloor or outdoor free tekno party explode. It aims for maximum impact, drilling forward without ever looking back.

Let the ceremony begin.

Weight 300 g




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