Semifull Soft – Tribe Corridor – 0Y001 – 12″


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  1. A1 SemiFull Soft - DUBANSE 2:00
  2. A2 SemiFull Soft - Bubble wave 2:00
  3. B1 SemiFull Soft - Garlic Jungle 2:00
  4. B2 SemiFull Soft - PLIE 2:00

Olo Yegussa presents its first release with a record that comes from a distant tribal exploration. Through four long tracks, a mystical atmosphere arises. Semifull Soft presents us a unique universe tinged with the spirit’s voice that has enchanted his nights. Composed between Lyon and Reunion Island, “Tribe Corridor” is a sensitive blend of sounds resonating between bewitching dub, electronica and a radically slow, travelling trance. A universal eclecticism that will immerse every listener in a world oscillating between sensitivity and brutality.

the Olofones’s kingdom :
“The slow and rigorous walk that embraces all the Olofones through rivers, plateaux and mountains in search of dreamlike destination. A few beings close off the line, far behind, it would seem like they are the most talkative and curious. They are always the ones found at the back. While some are looking at the horizon and remain far ahead, others have their glance towards the crests . A complementarity that can only be created through time, just like a meticulus plait weaving several souls. A daily ritual gives rhythm to this eternal trip. The first to arrive raises a flame, « la phorie », each place will reveal its particularity, its curve, its elegance. Still in our days, she allows our « Pas Latents » to find back the path in the heart of this wide mountain corridor, with its delicate relief. We can hear on both sides the adjacents forests, their steps and their songs resonating. Upon their arrival, the recognition is a custom for this brief instant, in constant development. The Lanterns are the first explorators. They build a moving background, looking after a neutric zone for the night. Time metamorphoses. And it is now the moment for « Les Pas Latents » to share tales and stories taken for their own adventures. Their voices rise up , the stars shine, the earth trembles of strange sensations. A common vibration. The souls intertwine, the « chaosmose » operes. Sometimes the « âmoniale » wave curves and gets linked around the central heat, luminescence and clarity. A few words escape from the rhythm and leave slumber and reverie take control of the spirits.”

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl


DUB, Electronic, Strings


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