Mascarpone – PLASMAPHERESIS – MET001 – 12″


  1. A1. Mascarpone - Anger 2:00
  2. A2. Mascarpone - Ventatrax 2:00
  3. B1. Mascarpone - Ventatrax (Unklevon) 2:00
  4. B2. Mascarpone - OBM Machine 2:00

Coming soon.

From that indescribable connection between Science and Electronic Music, France’s Mascarpone oriented this EP towards all the imagery that these themes can generate in our minds. Themes that already catched the attention of techno and electro founders many years ago, showing that this link has been present since the beginning.

Electronic music is based on science and the scientific method is utilized in its creation. Theories and hypotheses are put forth and if they are practical and plausible they will be tested to verify them. Some theories work and some don’t,

but no theory is considered too abstract. All is considered. The more radical the better.

Gerald Donald

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl


Electro, Electronic


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