Andy Martin ft. Gavsborg’s Plato & Caves – MA01RMX – 12″


  1. 1 Plato & Caves - Dub War.rmx 2:02
  2. 2 Plato & Caves - Mad Magnestism.version 2:02
  3. A1 Andy Martin Ft. Gavsborg - Plato & Caves 2:02
  4. A2 Andy Martin Ft. Gavsborg -Plato & Caves (Nit Yardman version) 1:30

Celebrating dubwise origins, Mole Audio delivers two fresh remixes of their very first release: Andy Martin ft. Gavsborg’s Plato & Caves.

Gavsborg is a towering figure in Jamaica’s dancehall scene. So when Andy found an acapella, he set to work on a renegade edit. Subsequently approved and embraced by Gavborg himself, Andy’s interpretation provided the launch point for Mole Audio – and is re-envisioned twice more here.

Paired with the original A-side, the first B-side remix comes courtesy of Dub War’s legendary Bill Fuller. A progenitor of London bass music, Bill’s records as Dubwar are prized among collectors. Pairing hypnotic beats with spacious textures, an insistent analog bass line weaves its way through an infectiously dystopian atmosphere.

Taking a minimalistic house-driven approach, Andy’s all-new Mad Magnetism Version brings Gavsborg’s original vocal to a prime time environment. Sizzling high hats and diving bass drops combine to keep the dancefloor in motion before insistent dub chords further elevate the urgent atmosphere.

Combined with the original and Nit Yardman’s remix, the resulting package once again showcases Mole Audio’s unique approach to modern dub aesthetics.

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl




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