Snowbeasts & Solypsis – Firelands – 70MOHM – LP


  1. SIDE A1 Topaz 2:02
  2. SIDE A2 Drowned In Light 2:00
  3. SIDE A3 Collapsing Overhead 2:02
  4. SIDE A4 Approaching Fire 2:02
  5. SIDE B1 Apogee and Nadir 2:02
  6. SIDE B2 Terrestrial 2:02
  7. SIDE B3 Stone Crusher 2:02
  8. SIDE B4 Striped Cat Dub 2:02

For Fans Of: Scorn, Autechre, Insect Ark, Download, Front Line Assembly

Following up on their accomplished first collaboration “Fever Dream” and its accompanying remix album “Parasomnia”, Snowbeasts & Solypsis head out on wax for the fantastic “Firelands” LP. The dependable industrial beats and synths of Snowbeasts programmer Robert Galbraith (also known to many as a superior mastering engineer), the haunting voice of Elizabeth Virosa, and the nefarious bass and electronics of the prolific Solypsis come together once again to produce a ride through a fiery terrain of slowed tempo, half-remembered nightmares, and cavernous low end.

With vocals ranging from ethereal to evil, spooky grooves charting a pathway to inferno, and distortions applied at the perfect moments, Firelands is a memorable journey. Heavy on synthesizer funk, and intricate percussions to drive the beat, the album erupts with the black lava of downtempo destruction. Slow, driving horror and collaborative interplay make this a sophomore album worth taking home.

Weight 300 g


DRUM & BASS, DUB, Experimental Electronics, Industrial, NOISE


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