Mind I Matter – La Complainte des Damnés – FT003 – 12″/EP


  1. A1.Expiation 2:02
  2. A2.L'apostat 2:02
  3. B1.La Complainte Des Damnés 2:00
  4. B2.Stigma 2:00

Available 20.05.2024

After a long absence, Forbidden Teachings returns with a new vinyl release from artist Mind I Matter.

The EP is a reflection of the current era, where inequality and injustice have become the norm. As hope begins to fade, the artist attempts to shed light on the origins of this situation and proposes a journey to the heart of the workings of the human mind.

Is humanity imperfect at its core, or is our condition the direct consequence of an imperfect world? Could it be that, in the midst of all this pain and suffering, we all have an individual responsibility?

With four cutting-edge tracks, Mind I Matter offers a window into what these questions might imply. Ultimately, this EP testifies to the label’s commitment to offering experiences that transcend our earthly senses.

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl, EP


Ambient, EBM, Industrial, Techno


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