Various Artist – Rite Of Initiation – FT001 – 12″


  1. FT001 - A1 - NN - The Blood Of A White Monark 1:30
  2. FT001 - A2 - MIND | MATTER -Thelema 1:30
  3. FT001 - B1 - Antechamber - The Ephemeral Hallucinations 1:30
  4. FT001 - B2 Tmare - Unconscious Traction 1:30

Available 15.02.2021

Since the dawn of humanity, civilizations have been built on founding myths and legends. While these are commonly regarded as superficial, a restricted number of select initiates were granted access to hermetic interpretations of those myths, which allegedly reveal the true scope and implications of human existence.
The influence of mystery schools can be traced throughout history and countless are the individuals that have attempted to discover their secrets.

Whereas our modern world seeks to reject the intangible, could it be that this hidden knowledge still exerts any kind of influences on our lives?
Those are the types of questions that define the label’s identity.

Founded in 2020 and driven by a mission to express the inexpressible, Forbidden Teachings seeks to establish itself in the industrial and experimental techno scene by offering an experience for the body and the soul.

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl




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