Obscure Formats – Agitations – VENA004 – MLP


  1. a1. Agitations Obscure Formats 2:02
  2. a2. The Breaking Point Obscure Formats 2:02
  3. a3. Agitations (AXKAN Remix) Obscure Formats 2:02
  4. b1. Blood Moon Obscure Formats 2:02
  5. b2. Haunted Obscure Formats 2:02
  6. b3. Blood Moon (Years Of Denial Remix) Obscure Formats 2:02

Available: 10.06.2024

Obscure Formats is a sonic strike of moving body electronics. This modern metal machine music is directed, goaded and prodded into reaction by Robert Galbraith, Component Recordings founder and one half (with of the monster modular outfit that is Snowbeasts. Under the Obscure Formats moniker, he forges a tight, earthbound sound from synths, modular racks and drum machines to pound a path through your ears right into your mind. Tracks like pound and pulse with unrelenting beats, percussion and arpeggiating pulses. Within each Obscure Formats track is a harsh soundscape of angles, jagged edges and eerie drones.

Obscure Formats – Agitations consists of 4 tracks of alluring body music with special remixes by AXKAN & Years of Denial.

Written + Produced by: Robert Galbraith
Except Haunted & Blood Moon – Robert Galbraith & Elizabeth Virosa

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl, MiniLP


EBM, Industrial, Techno


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