Lee Holman – “One Man Army” – 12″ – RWXS06


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Raw Waxes unveils its sixth release ‘One Man Army’ featuring Irish techno artist Lee Holman, who met label head Haiku when hosted to perform at Haiku’s event Knick Knack in the summer of 2015. The record represents the second installment of a new series of vinyl releases displaying as artwork designer Benedikt Rugar, German illustrator known for having collaborated with dance music institutions as Berghain, Moderat, Groove, Cocktail d’Amore.
With the recent launch of his own label Demarcation, and the fresh EP on the French outfit CLFT Militia, Lee Holman keeps himself busy offering a four tracker mind-stressing, obsessive pack without compromises, characterized by devastating, hefty kicks, mental-bleepy minimalist patterns and structurally-dynamic archetype hats, drums and rhythmic sections.
Known for producing all original tracks live through an analog equipment set up, the artist easily integrates with the label aesthetics and musical vision, based on promoting unconventional, analog orientated music, from IDM and Industrial to gentle, melodic techno. The previous vinyl-only releases included artists like Korova,
Mike Parker, Inigo Kennedy, The Noisemaker, Orphx, Perc, Blind Observatory and more.
The record is due out on 12” vinyl on May 2, 2016, and comes in a transparent sleeve with an additional non-credited insert by Benedikt Rugar. The illustrator declared he was loosely inspired by manga battle scenes. The music strongly resonated, together with the ‘One Man Army’ title, letting him reach the imagery of a ‘techno ants’ marching army going to war against Man. The artwork originally develops in two battle scenes, split into two different releases: the
aforementioned ‘One Man Army EP’ and the related remix EP, forthcoming by the end of 2016.

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 30,50 × 30,50 × 0,4 cm




12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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