Mike Parker / Haiku – “Inkblots #03” – INK003


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  1. A1. INK003 cut 1:00
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  3. B1. INK003 cut 1:00
  4. B2. INK003 cut 1:02

With the aim of stimulating the mind through a visual and audible experience, techno imprint Inkblots has taken inspiration from the black inks of the psychological Rorschach test, printing them on white vinyl. Each release features two original tracks per side from two diverse artists. After collaborating with Stanislav Tolkachev, I/Y, Developer and Go Hiyama, the third release sees the debut of label co-owner Haiku, Italian techno producer and resident DJ for Knick Knack and STAUB, together with fine art lecturer and veteran abstract producer Mike Parker.

On the A-side, Haiku supplies a spectral, sinister dream that ushers your soul between darkness and dimness. Rhythm sections intersect with the variegated elements in solid key structures. Kicks and hats hold a bright, weighty presence while gloomy pads and metallic textures interchange. Flipping over to the B-side, Parker’s artwork beautifully integrates with his original productions, arranged with the passion of atonal and dissonant sounds, and enriched with analogue experimentation, striking once again with crystalline, hypnotic and purist patterns.

Inkblots #3 represents the large scale press of the very first 50-copies limited edition release, which featured a cover artwork drawn from Parker himself printed on white opaque PVC jacket through UV rays. The limited edition, stamped in live cut and hand-distributed through Berlin’s record shops, came out in November 2015, it was available at the29nov films birthday party at ://about blank (Berlin), into which Haiku performed DJ set.

The records will still be offered into white opaque PVC jacket. Compared to the limited edition, Inkblots #3 differentiates for featuring Parker’s creation on the B-Side of the vinyl.

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 30,50 × 30,50 × 0,4 cm


ACID, Techno


12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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