S.A.F – The Hunter – 12″ – RBS001


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  1. a1-s-a-f-the-three-snippet 1:00
  2. a2-s-a-f-unaccepted-perseverance-snippet 1:00
  3. a3-s-a-f-short-and-suspenseful-snippet 1:00
  4. b1-s-a-f-barney-ted-snippet 1:00
  5. b2-s-a-f-2-coke-bottles 1:00

Focusing on the darker and un chartered spaces of techno music, the Ravage Black Series kicks off first with fellow Dutchman and upfront upstart S.A.F with The Hunter EP. Five lead heavy, uncompromising techno tracks that are unrelenting and rhythmic until the very end, it’s a heavy affair from the start. For those into uncompromising, yet challenging tracks on the dancefloor, the first release in Ravage’s Black Label series is a great glimpse of things yet to come.

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Dimensions 30,50 × 30,50 × 0,30 cm




12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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