Karger Traum – III – FRS008 – LP


  1. A1 Joocha Karger Traum 2:00
  2. A2 Hallo Karger Traum 2:00
  3. A3 Das Ende Karger Traum 2:00
  4. A4 Frag Mich Nicht Karger Traum 2:00
  5. A5 Spiegelbild Karger Traum 2:00
  6. B1 Wieso Karger Traum 2:00
  7. B2 Die Maschine Karger Traum 2:00
  8. B3 New Nation Pt. 1 Karger Traum 2:00
  9. B4 New Nation Pt. 2 Karger Traum 2:00
  10. B5 Gespenster Karger Traum 2:00

A1: Joocha
A2: Hallo
A3: Das Ende
A4: Frag Mich Nicht
A5: Spiegelbild
B1: Wieso
B2: Die Maschine
B3: New Nation Pt 1
B4: New Nation Pt 2
B5: Gespenster

Karger Traum proves with their third release that they are more than just an EBM group. The German-language duo based out of Oklahoma City brings their varying dance music tastes to the table with their first full-length LP release, with influences ranging from techno to electro to new wave, while further refining their characteristic mix of Einstürzende Neubauten that’s more grounded in electro-acoustic body music.

But this record isn’t just total industrial darkness. It has moments of sassy, cheeky playfulness. It is an adventure from start-to-finish with tracks set to propel the dance floor into utterly trippy territory, while seamlessly flowing as a cohesive album across multiple sonic realms.

Find “Spiegelbild” featured in Vincent Neumann’s latest mix for Reclaim Your City.

Co-released by Fixed Rhythms and DKA Records.

Limited edition of 350 copies on black vinyl.

Recorded and mixed by Blake Lusk
Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann
Art and design by Blake Lusk and Nick Owen




EBM, Electro, New Wave, Techno


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