Hypervigilance – Bloom – FRS007 – 12″


  1. HV A1 Family and Friends Master 1.1 2:00
  2. HV A2 Holland Tunnel Master 1.1 2:00
  3. HV A3 Mania Master 1.1 2:00
  4. HV A4 Every Night Master 1.2 2:00
  5. HV A5 Porcelain Master 1.1 2:00
  6. HV A6 No Cynicisim Master 1.1 2:00
  7. HV B1 Unconscious Mind Master 1.2 2:00
  8. HV B2 Impermanence Master 1.2 2:00
  9. HV B3 SPF 50+ Master 1.1 2:00
  10. HV B4 Every Life Master 1.1 2:00

For his second release with Fixed Rhythms, Trey Millward AKA Hypervigilance presents us with his first full-length album. It is not just one style, but rather a flowing mood with peaks and valleys. From start to finish, the lush synth-work, the deep sub-bass melodies, and simple grooving drums enter and exit to form a cohesive statement, or rather, a litany of introspective questions:

+ What is and who are important to us?

+ What is impermanent?

+ How do we enjoy this impermanence and continue to grow past a stage of pure youthfulness?

+ How do we maintain the hopefulness of innocence and balance it with the sober clarity of lived experiences?

Limited to 100 copies of professionally dubbed and printed cassettes.

Mastered by Blake Lusk.
Artwork by Taussen Brewer.
Design and layout by Trey Millward and Nick Owen.

Weight 300 g





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