Brinstaar- “Testarossa” – LP – KOTA06


  1. Floatbirt Clockenspi BRINSTAAR 2:00
  2. Sutartova BRINSTAAR 2:00
  3. Arr Ownd BRINSTAAR 2:00
  4. Dorian BRINSTAAR 2:00
  5. Lakshmi BRINSTAAR 2:00
  6. Noki BRINSTAAR 2:00
  7. Werk BRINSTAAR 2:00
  8. Kuse BRINSTAAR 2:00

Testarossa is third studio album by Brinstaar. He says that this album is dedicated to redheaded blue-skinned Goddess. This work is reflecting Brinstaar’s deep and emotional chase for the elusive moment of infinite bliss that keeps him alive and conscious.

While using mainly processed guitars for Infotswetock and synths for Mielisss, Brinstaar uses a lot of acoustic instruments and field recorded sounds in Testarossa now, thus creates much more intimate compositions. Of course, his specialty mesmerizing synth parts and precisely constructed guitar timbres are still here too.

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 30,50 × 30,50 × 0,4 cm


Experimental Electronics



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