Evitceles/Spite Cathedral – Split – SORES023 – LP


  1. 01 Endless Reach -3db C-Master 1:30
  2. 02 Hologram Sting 2.master 1:31
  3. 03 Shadow Double Master 1:30
  4. 04 Restless Head Master 1:30
  5. 05 Нелюбов 2.Master(2) 1:33
  6. 06 Wake Up Darlin' I'm Spittin' Blood Master 1:30
  7. 07 In God's Corner Master 1:30
  8. 08 Apparation IIII Master 1:30
  9. 09 I Taste You With The Tip Of My Tongue (Suspended In Gaffa - Rope & Glands Remix) master 1:30
  10. 10 Without a Sound Master 1:30
  11. 11 Taste Like Strawberries Master 1:09

After two full-length albums, freshly released and shortly out on S+M, Evitceles & Spite Cathedral meet their equally twisted but often polar approaches to electronic music for a 12” split release.
Five tracks are inhabiting the Evitceles side of the record and while two of them we already heard on his latest cassette they seem to be living a completely new life when put in the context of this shared release. ‘Endless Reachʼ deceivingly sets a more dreamy tone which is instantly shattered by the tracks to follow. Itʼs not until the second half of ‘Restless Headʼ that the skies are clear again and weʼre once again ready to fall in the warm embrace of “Нелюбов”, the most heart-breaking track in the ever-growing discography of Bulgarian producer Etien Slavchev as Evitceles.
While a bigger chunk of Spite Cathedralʼs tracklist can be found on forthcoming new full-length ‘The Human Touch” (Sores022) his side on this record is not less tense and emotionally charged. Usually indulging his musical searches in lengthier releases, here Dan Mortazavi teams up with his long term partner Karsten Svendsen on several tracks to offer us a more dense and saturated version of his recent work as Spite Cathedral. The first half of the material is more rhythm and beat oriented, then the producers carefully refocuses on melody until it all disintegrates into amorphic ambiances and microsound debris.

Weight 300 g




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