Spite Cathedral – The Human Torch – SORES022 – CASSETTE


  1. (A1) Wake Up Darlin' I'm Spittin' Blood 2:04
  2. (A2) In God's Corner 2:23
  3. (A3) Apparition IIII 1:31
  4. (A4) Apparition III 2:07
  5. (A5) Without a Sound 2:25
  6. (A6) Stop Talking 1:08
  7. (B1) On Returning II 1:36
  8. (B2) The Human Touch (New) 2:31
  9. (B3) Blood Season 1:36
  10. (B4) Forever 1:33
  11. (B5) Spellcaster 1:03
  12. (B6) Accidentalism 2:12
  13. (B7) The Tin Can Sings The Blues 1:32

Spite Cathedral is an S+M regular but the music found on his releases speaks for an artist that is constantly challenging his own creative boundaries. With equal ease Spite Cathedral delves in micro sounds, multilayered noisescapes or more conventional yet daring musical form and structure. ‘The Human Touchʼ is not an exception of this creative modus operandi and certainly takes things further.

Dan Mortazaviʼs teams up with his long term partner Karsten Svendsen on his latest album as Spite Cathedral which is a 13-track sonic shapeshifter that will take you all the way from the clinical minimalist sub-tech realms of opener ‘Wake Up Darling Iʼm Spitting Bloodʼ to the industrial- influenced and raw vocal-driven ‘In Godʼs Cornerʼ, the microscopic sound bits and muted angst of “Without a Soundʼ, to the freeform drifting ambiance of ‘Spellcasterʼ. While these pieces might be a guideline of sorts between them there definitely lies more. While it is indeed impressive that Spite Cathedral can speak to us through a plethora of electronic sub-genres itʼs more fascinating how all his different ways are not only not clashing but are always somehow working together in a hypnotizing unison.

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Experimental, IDM, Leftfield, NOISE


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