Various Artists – Spectral Decay Vol. 1 – ARB004 – 12″


  1. 1- Tetsumasa - Nex 1:10
  2. 2- Meer - Onzour Shayatini 1:10
  3. 3-Yuji Kondo - Hades 1:10
  4. 4 - Mogano - Anthropocene 1:09
  5. 5 - ~Raw - Poly Bios 1:09
  6. 6 - NWRMNTC - Beyond 1:10

Available 18th October.

A1 – Tetsumasa – Nex
A2 – Meer – Onzour Shayatini
A3 – Yuji Kondo – Hades
B1 – Mogano – Anthropocene
B2 – ~Raw – Poly Bios
B3 – NWRMNTC – Beyond

„Spectral Decay” is a collection of musical reflections about the paradoxical contemporary state of humankind, whereas its own technological, social, cultural and economical development seems to entrench the possible points of a structura downfall. The narrative of „Spectral Decay” starts with heavy, mesmerizing industrial vibes. Due to the notable sound design techniques of Japanese artist Tetsumasa, his hefty piece „Nex” evolves into a harsh but still amazingly cinematical music sculpture.
Subsequent mid-tempo composition „Onzour Shayatini” by Meer dynamically follows the dark, experimental path of drone and noisy structures. Violent accents smoothly lead to the deconstruction of drum & bass patterns and turn into strident 90s metal riffs. The track progressively penetrates obscure subterranean abysses and becomes a perfect introduction to the next theme by Yuji Kondo – „Hades”. In Greek mythology Hades was the ancient god of the underground kingdoms, darkness, death and metals. Therefore, Kondo’s music piece turns into an infernal portrayal of the underworld where tenebrous layers of bass frequencies, raw textures and Drexciyan sounds build up an enormous and lasting tension.
Side B begins with the track „Anthropocene” produced by Arboretum co-founder – Mogano. The whole composition refers to the present geological epoch we live in, characterized by environmental pollutions, depletion of fossil fuels and accelerated urbaniza- tion of the world. It is a deeply conceptual soundscape of a powerful system, that incorporates both – the destructive forces of technology and the infinite energy of the whole universe, that interweave in a devilish dance of post-techno, breakbeat and dub tones.
Thereafter, ~Raw in his piece „Poly Bios” pictures the interference of human structures in the nature. Creating a mosaic from indus- trial and tribal, organic sounds, he tells a mystical story of fear, hope, escape and primeval instincts.
The narration concludes with an atmospheric composition of NWRMNTC – solo project of Ana Quiroga from experimental ambient duet LCC. „Beyond” is a boundless, spectral reflection on collective human consciousness, where haunting vocals evoke a recon- dite, ineffable pain, leaving the listeners in a profoundly meditative state.
Laura Polańska

Weight 300 g


Abstract, Broken Beat, Experimental, Techno


12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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