Steve Bicknell – Modes of Thought – 126D-01 – 12″


  1. steve bicknell - harmonious balance 1:00
  2. steve bicknell - the moment i stopped 1:00
  3. steve bicknell - messenger molecules 0:59
  4. steve bicknell - behaviour patterns - loop 1 0:29
  5. steve bicknell - behaviour patterns - loop 2 0:29
  6. steve bicknell - behaviour patterns - loop 3 0:29
  7. steve bicknell - early warning - loop 1 0:36
  8. steve bicknell - early warning - loop 2 0:29
  9. steve bicknell - early warning - loop 3 0:29
  10. steve bicknell - harmonious balance - loop 1 0:29
  11. steve bicknell - harmonious balance - loop 2 0:29
  12. steve bicknell - harmonious balance - loop 3 0:29

Produced and mixed by Steve Bicknell. Mastered by Tim Xavier at Manmade Mastering.

Art by Harumasa Kono.

DJ and producer, co-founder of the legendary London club night Lost, Steve Bicknell returns to the fray with a brilliant new 12”, ‘Modes of Thought’. Comprising three full tracks and six locked grooves, the record represents the debut release on Bicknell’s brand new label, 6dimensions.

Bicknell’s trademark raw, minimal aesthetics and conceptual underpinning have clearly been retained. He describes new release ‘Modes of Thought’ as being founded upon “the awareness of thought processes, understanding the connection between the heart and the brain through vibrations that are created via the blood-stream.” Essential floor gear, ‘Modes of Thought’ introduces three tracks of taught, lean minimal techno before handing creativity over to the DJ with the inclusion of 6 locked groove loops.

Lean and precise, with a beautifully controlled palette, wide dynamics and rich level of sonic detail, the record flies out of the blocks with the pumping ‘Harmonious Balance’, described by its creator as a “reflection on hatred and furthering an understanding of hate and how acceptance induces balance”. Continuing to unpack the work, ‘The Moment I Stopped’ is described as “a realisation of the importance of self-preservation to balance yourself in order to take care of others close to you”; whilst on the flip, ‘Messenger Molecules’ depicts “the flow of blood and how it feeds the brain of feelings through coded information”.

Available on 12″ vinyl and digital download, ‘Modes of Thought’ is a fantastic opening statement for this new venture, which is clearly something to keep your eyes on. Future releases lined up on 6imensions will include

releases from Metro Skim, The Evader, as well as more material from Bicknell himself, and further collaborations to be confirmed.

Outlining the concept behind the new label, Bicknell describes 6dimensions as an exploration into balance and imbalance of the human mind’s natural make-up, Love, Fear, Joy, Hatred, Boredom and sexuality. Envisioning it in terms of a wider platform than a mere label, 6dimensions has been set up as “an outlet for creatives, a platform for expression without boundaries, presented and revisited in various creative mediums whether that be music, installations, events, audio stories, soundscapes, field recordings, visual art, performance, etc.” It will be a place where “each creative can question their own or other’s dimensions, focus on balance and imbalance, question the conscious and subconscious, fully immerse themselves to create from within by following feelings rather than the mind, evading what can be known as misguided teachings.”

Bicknell has been inspired by the writings on Calm Down Mind – “All human minds operate under 6 dimensions – Love, Fear, Joy, Hatred, Boredom and Sexuality. These 6 dimensions are present in all human minds, and its natural make-up also determines the ‘intensity’ of some of these dimensions. It’s not possible to ever ‘erase’ one of these dimensions totally from the mind, and people who are trying to do so are usually just suppressing their mind and this form of suppression only leads to inner resistance, which manifests as suffering of some form or other. For example, a lot of people who misunderstand spiritual teachings (or get conditioned by misguided teachings) start trying to suppress certain dimensions in the mind, usually the dimensions of hatred, fear and sexuality, which causes them to wage a constant battle with their mind, sometimes for a lifetime. When you ‘consciously’ (though an understanding of our wholeness and ‘being nature’) understand that the mind is the mind, and you stop trying to impose a ‘divine’ nature on it, you will no longer be in opposition to your mind’s natural make-up and thus allow for a harmonious physical experience” (

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