end.user / COMPACTOR – OHM7101 – 7″ Single


  1. OHM7101A-End.User-interruption 1:30


The 2018 Ohm Resistance subscription series is a monthly delivery vehicle for 12 exclusive split 7″s spanning 24 artists, accompanied by limited edition prints by 12 visual artists. Conceived as a tribute to the pre-drum & bass beginnings of Ohm Resistance and our roots in the murky world of Dark Hop, it has grown, evolved, and mutated into all things strange and electronic, covering Hip Hop, Techno, Drum & Bass, and delightfully bizarre beats.


end.user is the leading exponent of breakcore music in the WORLD. One of the most gifted producers and live performers in electronic music, Lynn Standafer splices up everything from KRS-ONE to Slayer to Skinny Puppy to Ragga Jungle sounds, and leaves his audience satiated with his distinctive, unique melodic sound.

The Worker is COMPACTOR, a faceless person generating some of the most intense noise, which is occassionally simultaneously backed up with drum machine funk from the year 4019. COMPACTOR is that deep dirt noise created from the depths of Amiga computers, broken turntables, and distortion pedals.

Limited Edition Print by SHVLFCE


Interruption 5 is a continuation of the Interruption series of compositions, most recently seen on the last end.user Ohm Resistance LP, “left”. Losing no steps from Interruptions 3 and 4, and grooving us along smoothly at the half time tempo which he is a master of, this track is a perfectly rooted beginning to the series!

Hazardous Obstacles is a beauty of a dirt-funk uptempo dark hop beat, complete with unique elements for this COMPACTOR release – scratching on a broken turntable. The piece is an absolute smasher, charged up with plenty of noise, but a ridiculous amount of headnod coming from the New York noisecore artist.


Ohm Resistance was founded in 1999 by Submerged and M. Gregor Filip. Originally a vinyl-only, drum & bass outlet, in 2006 the label expanded its scope and has released music by prominent, legendary musicians such as Bill Laswell (Method of Defiance), Herbie Hancock, Mick Harris (Scorn, Quoit), Justin K. Broadrick, Pharoah Sanders, end.user and Merzbow. The label has featured breaking electronic acts’ critical beginnings with Black Sun Empire, Counterstrike, Breaker, Infiltrata, Sinthetix, and Ivan Shopov (Balkansky) all recording under the Ohm Resistance banner.



Weight 300 g




7″ Seven Inch

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