Ixïan – Unlike Us – VENA001 – 12″


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  1. Ixïan - 1. The Perilous Crossing 2:00
  2. Ixïan - 2. The Horns of Udra 2:00
  3. Ixïan - 3. Unlike Us 2:00
  4. Ixïan - 4. Mahdi 2:00
  5. Ixïan - 5. Demons to Some 2:00
  6. Ixïan - 6. Mahdi (Nordstaat Remix) 2:00
Available 09.01.2023
Los Angeles based Venaeform Records debuts their first release initiated by the label’s creator Spheric with his project Ixïan. Ixïan—Unlike Us EP delivers 7 original tracks (incl.1 digital bonus track available online) and a remix by Nordstaat. The Unlike Us EP consists of unique & diverse tracks of alternative forms of techno and ebm. Each of the tracks have their own aura of timbres from the ritualistic chants and ominous atmospheres of “Mahdi” to the track “Demon to Some” with its ebm embedded elements leading into a haunting & rhythmic passage into an underworld. “Unlike Us” track conveys the sense of one observing a possession of an unknown lifeform while the Nordstaat remix of “Mahdi” creates a dark hypnotic ebm journey. For those purchasing the vinyl ep it also includes all digital downloads and a special bonus digital track.

US Import.

Distribution::Ready Made Distribution.




EBM, Industrial


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