Neel and PRG/M – Mirabilis – [CM002 / Napoli Arcana 002] – 12″


  1. A1 - Idra 2:00
  2. A2 - Priapo 2:00
  3. A3 - Misenensis (Neel Version) 2:00
  4. B1 - Mitra 2:00
  5. B2 - Mirabilis 1:00

Available 20.03.2023

For this second vinyl release Camera Magmatica calls back on board Neel, after the experimental outing cassette he curated some years ago. He is of course a revered sonic sculptor who works as one-half of Voices From the Lake on labels like Token Records, Spazio Disponibile and Spectrum Spools. He ended 2022 on a high with his EP The 808 Archive on Non-Series, and now continues that form in 2023. Prg/m, meanwhile, is a musician, live act and multimedia artist who also has a highly crafted sound that is rich in immersive pads and deconstructed rhythms. As well as working solo, he has collaborated as r²π with his label co-founders and Ruhig while also releasing on Semantica, Midgar and Concrete Rec amongst others.

This new EP continues the Napoli Arcana vinyl series and pays homage to the mystic Neapolitan region. Mirabilis in particular is dedicated to the Piscina Mirabilis site that was constructed in the 1st century AD when Augustus was Emperor. It was an enormous reservoir at the end of the Aqua Augusta or Aqueduct of August and it provided drinking water for Naples and the Roman fleet.

‘Idra’ opens up in a cavern with water droplets and sonic ripples sketching out the vast size of the space. Atmospheric drones make for an increasingly heavy atmosphere as deep sub bass moves things forwards and spoken word snippets arrive with thoughts on climate change. ‘Priapo’ immediately sinks you into a deep and weighty techno rhythm that is loopy, organic and hypnotic in equal measure. It’s sparse yet tense and leads into ‘Misenensis’ (Neel Version), an edgy sound world where unresolved drum loops rock backward and forwards with ambient pads and icy sounds layered to eerie effect. ‘Mitra’ is another smooth, heady techno rhythm that suspends you in space and time and ‘Mirabilis’ resets with two minutes of ambient that sounds like it was recorded at the earth’s core with molten lava slowly flowing all around you.

The digital-only track ‘Misenensis’ (PRGM Version) is rubbery techno with gloopy drums and bass, pulsing synths. It builds with the tension of approaching danger as if an eruption is just about to come, then the second digital cut ‘Leone’ carries you away on another wave of serene and cerebral techno that is brought to life deft sound design.

This is an artful exploration of high-concept techno that works as well up close on headphones as it does in a darkened club space.

Weight 300 g



Ambient, Deep, Techno

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