Blush Response – Neuroscape – MS015 – DBLP


  1. Submit Blush Response 2:00
  2. Watching Yourself Being Born Blush Response 2:00
  3. Locutus Blush Response 2:00
  4. Sexual Deception Blush Response 2:00
  5. Death Line Rupture Blush Response 2:00
  6. Dead Zone Blush Response 2:00
  7. Flesh and Soil Blush Response 2:00
  8. Chained [Feat. Bon Harris] Blush Response 2:00
  9. Foldspace Transition [Feat. Richard Devine] Blush Response 2:00

Available 04.04.2023

Berlin based producer Blush Response returns to Megastructure_ for his first full length release since 2021’s Reconstitution, NEUROSCAPE

9 tracks of absolutely screaming and energetic Post-Industrial Techno / IDM for those looking for sounds on the fringes of reality. Driving, pulsating, organic alien grooves populate the dense landscape of sound and showcase the next evolution in Blush’s sonic signature.

Neuroscape features collaborations from Bon Harris of Nitzer Ebb (a rare vocal appearance!) on Chained, and Richard Devine on Foldspace Transition – a track that was started in Devine’s studio in Atlanta and then completed in Berlin. Blush also makes his first apperance on vocals in nearly a decade, with the opening track, Submit.

Weight 600 g


Berlin, IDM, Industrial, NOISE, Power Electronics, Techno


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