The Allegorist – TEKHENU – LP/CD – ACH013


  1. 01 The Allegorist_Tekhenu_Whispers Of The Wind 2:00
  2. 02 The Allegorist_Tekhenu_Born In The River 1:30
  3. 03 The Allegorist_Tekhenu_Trees Of Peace 2:00
  4. 04 The Allegorist_Tekhenu_Inner Dialouge 2:00
  5. 05 The Allegorist_Tekhenu_Through The Forest 2:00
  6. 06 The Allegorist_Tekhenu_Howling With The Wolf 2:00
  7. 07 The Allegorist_Tekhenu_The Invisible 1:30
  8. 08 The Allegorist_Tekhenu_Dreams At Dawn 1:00
  9. 09 The Allegorist_Tekhenu_Tekhenu 2:01
  10. 10 The Allegorist_Tekhenu_Barefoot 1:30


About the album TEKHENU:

Holistic, soundscape storyteller The Allegorist takes inspiration from the ancient world for her fifth studio album, set for release on her label Awaken Chronicles. A sonic fable titled TEKHENU, it continues the trajectory that the Berlin-based electronic producer and sound-designer has been following since the beginning – conceptualising narrative-heavy LPs centered around mythical lands. Her new works depict a lost protagonist and her spiritual, inward search across ten enrapturing chapters.

The title of the LP is a nod to the towering monoliths by the ancient Egyptians. Known to most by their Greek-given name “obelisk”, they stand tall around the world and it’s their global dispersion that inspired The Allegorist for the title of the album, seeing it as an allegory of a common bond, a point of connection.

The Tale of TEKHENU, for the seekers
Written by The Allegorist

For the seekers

Weight 300 g



Ambient, Cinematic, Dark Ambient, Electronic, Experimental, Techno, Vocals


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