Latmos – Pool Of Intuition EP – BLD001 – 12″


  1. A Momentum Shift Latmos 1:30
  2. AA Pool Of Intuition - Samuli Kemppi remix Latmos 1:30
  3. B Momentum Shift - Mike Parker remix Latmos 1:30
  4. BB Pool of Intuition Latmos 1:28

Release date: Monday 5 November 2018

Blacklabel Distillery is a designer entity with the aim to craft exclusive products in its art labs.  The newborn venture of Finnish techno heavyweight Samuli Kemppi and Toronto based producer Frederik Hatsav has its sight locked on bridging the gap between a new generation of producers and their illustrious “elders” across various prisms – whether it be in the form of direct collaborative efforts or via remixes.
Having respectively released material on the likes of Power Of Voltages, Mote-Evolver, M_REC LTD, Semantica, Perc Trax, Ostgut Ton, Nachtstrom Schallplatten and a flurry more, BLD is another step in a new direction for Kemppi and Hatsav, both showing here a strong will to make their contribution to the redesign of the contemporary techno landscape as label owners, while focusing with equal artistic intransigence on the visual side of things – as further expressed by the commissioning of Finnish painter Jaakko Mattila for the inaugural couple releases, which will include EPs by Inigo Kennedy’s and Kemppi’s new collaboration Catalogue Of Errors and techno rising star Denise Rabe, scheduled later in Spring 2019. Plenty to get excited about.
First batch to emerge from the Blacklabel Distillery vats, Latmos ‘Pool Of Intuition’ EP kicks things off pedal to the metal. For his debut outing, Kemppi’s fellow countryman Samu Vesterinen demonstrates his abilities with a triplet of chiselled dub delicacies veering off no-nonsense dancefloor functionality into spaced-out abstraction seamlessly. Supported by some heavyweight reworks courtesy of Mike Parker and the label heads in person, it’s a feast of Basic Channel-esque, reverb-soaked vibrations and muffled elephant kicks that reels out through a late-night kind of afterparty blur. From the darkest crevices of the basement into obliquely lit poodles of swampy waters in a deserted squat, Latmos builds ambiences that won’t leave a part of your brain unsubmerged.

Track list:

A Momentum Shift

AA Pool Of Intuition – Samuli Kemppi remix

B Momentum Shift – Mike Parker remix

BB Pool of Intuition


Weight 300 g




12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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