IXTAB – “Avernus” – Cassette – CZSZ003


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  1. Trask IXTAB 2:00
  2. Subset IXTAB 2:00
  3. Avernus IXTAB 2:00
  4. Transition Group IXTAB 2:00
  5. Flinnt IXTAB 2:00
  6. Arkon IXTAB 2:00

“After listening to Voice-Hand (Tymbal Tapes) several times, an existence from the universe appeared and gave me a copy of the new release by IXTAB called Avernus, released on his very good tape label Czaszka, packed in a lovely little minimal design.

IXTAB continue with a warm electronic of vintage sound, sticking with their Lo-Fi techno and wide variety of rhythms, Avernus took me on a kaleidoscopic journey of beautifully crafted rhythms and sounds of electroid pulse, Sounds of both darkness and light were emitting from my speakers, at moments I felt like I was forced back in time,this distressed beauty evokes the early 90s, haunting sounds cleverly layered over simple 4/4 rhythms, a true hallucinogen feel throughout, retaining the aura of a dance record.

Play in the dark and at a loud volume, long may the collaboration between Blood Room and Ovis Aurum that is IXTAB continue.

It was believed that those who committed suicide or died by hanging, together with slain warriors, sacrificial victims, priests, and woman who died in childbirth, went straight to eternal rest in paradise. IXTAB gathered them and brought them there.”
Zeena Mindikowski aka Mushroom69

IXTAB is a collaboration between Blood Room and ovis aurum

Pro-duplicated tape. Cover printed on Xerox Supergloss Paper.


Weight 100 g
Dimensions 11,00 × 7,00 × 1,2 cm


Experimental, Industrial, Techno



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