Ike Yard – Rejoy – NTK013 – LP


  1. NTK013 A1 Ike Yard - K55 1:30
  2. NTK013 A2 Ike Yard - Ghost Skin 1:30
  3. NTK013 A3 Ike Yard - Divided Love 1:30
  4. NTK013 A4 Ike Yard - Ikimono Gitari 1:30
  5. NTK013 A5 Ike Yard - 72 Demons 1:30
  6. NTK013 B1 Ike Yard - Sister M 1:30
  7. NTK013 B2 Ike Yard - Salt 0:30
  8. NTK013 B3 Ike Yard - Beyondersay 1:30
  9. NTK013 B4 Ike Yard - Indra_s Net 1:30

Available: 08.10.2018

It was like a bird of rarest-spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now – Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange

After their LPs “Ike Yard” (also known as “A Fact A Second” Factory America, 1982) and Nord (Phisteria and Desire, 2010) Ike Yard delivers their last album “Rejoy” on Noiztank, 2018 as the culmination of their recent years reinvented sound. As the perpetual flag bearers of the cutting-edge post-punk spirit, the NYC- based band shows muscle in a LP fully loaded with abrasive synth pads, scrap metal percussions, and whispered vocals. Following the previous criteria of “Sacred Machine” 2017, it is worth to remark the inclusion of external vocals in the pieces “Sister M” and “Beyondersay”, which feature Yuki Osaki and MAYa. The nine tracks move through different atmospheres, tensions and moods that would perfectly represent a new contemporary soundtrack of the S. Kubrick film “A Clockwork Orange”, a major influence and source of inspiration for the group this time around.


Weight 300 g


Experimental, Experimental Electronics, Industrial, Vocals



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