1. Power Failure (feat. Kero) Fayze 1:30
  2. So Many Places (feat. Daren Dobski, Kero) Fayze 1:30
  3. Glostic (feat. Craig Gloster) Fayze 1:30
  4. Eniko Moon (feat. Kero) Fayze 1:30
  5. Other Side of a Dream (feat. Graig Gloster, Fjord Rowboat) Fayze 1:30
  6. Cubic Fayze 1:30
  7. Don’t Say My Name Fayze 1:30
  8. Apport (feat. Charlie McKrittch drums) Fayze 1:30
  9. Coulee Fayze 1:30
  10. Not Afraid (feat. Daren Dobski) Fayze 1:30

AVAILABLE: 05.03.2018

Fayze came of age in Windsor, Ontario, a diverse, gritty Canadian city in the immediate shadow of Detroit. During the 1980s, this fortunate geography placed the local scene in the inner orbit of the emergent Detroit techno scene. From that starting point, Fayze fell deeply in love with experimental, original sounds. Today, his innovative, genre-defying soundscapes flirt occasionally with global schools like avant-pop and krautrock, but his sound is all his own. Fayze ’s new music uses vintage analog synthesizers, which he’s been collecting since the early 1990s, to build organic, textural compositions. An idiosyncratic collection of ambient, dreamy soundscapes, the album features inspired collaborations with Detroit, Windsor, and Toronto artists. Its myriad influences include Aphex Twin , Stereolab , Led Zeppelin , and Boards of Canada . A well-travelled creative professional by day, Fayze previously made music with Marc Houle and Marshall Sfalcin of King Kool Flipped . This is his first major solo project.
1) Fayze – Power Failure (feat. Kero)
2) Fayze – So Many Places (feat. Daren Dobski, Kero)
3) Fayze – Glostic (feat. Graig Gloster)
4) Fayze – Eniko Moon (feat. Kero)
5) Fayze – Other Side of a Dream (feat. Craig Gloster, Fjord Rowboat)
6) Fayze – Cubic
7) Fayze – Don’t Say My Name
8) Fayze – Apport (feat. Charlie McKrittch drums)
9) Fayze – Coulee
10) Fayze – Not Afraid (feat. Daren Dobski)

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