Carnera – Colpo Di Mano Nella Zona Grigia – SLK008 – EP


  1. io so Ancient Method remix Carnera 1:31
  2. attitude Esplendor Geometrico remix Carnera 1:30
  3. Francesca Carnera 1:30
  4. il massacro del Circeo Carnera 1:30
  5. io so V2 remix Carnera 1:30
  6. waterboarding Carnera 1:30

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We are pleased and honored to finally introduce you our ninth release:
Carnera – Colpo Di Mano Nella Zona Grigia
The EP comes out with 4 original tracks and two stunning remixes from Esplendor Geometrico and Ancient Methods.

Carnera was founded in 2014 as a multimedia project by Giovanni Leonardi (Siegfried, Div. Sehnsucht, SNNC) and by visual artist Simone Poletti (Dinamo Innesco Revolution). In 2016 the sound designer Yvan Battaglia and Monica Gasparotto (Les Champs Magnétiques) joined the militant collective.
They have released two albums “Strategia della Tensione” (2015) and “La Notte della Repubblica” (2017), both released for the historic Old Europa Cafè, and several collaborations, remixes and singles.

A creature in continuous mutation, Carnera moves between dark ambient and soundtrack music, Martial and Techno Industrial, evolved EBM and Kosmische Musik, boldly combining new sounds and Old School attitude.

“Colpo Di Mano Nella Zona Grigia” is made by a robust and genuine dose of old-fashioned industrialism and postmodern manipulation, underpinned by a fascination with Futurism.

The EP ends up with two remixes. The first is a martial remix from Esplendor Geometrico recalling the old intelligence behind the industrial music, the epic and the aesthetics of Power, “the geometric splendor and numerical sensitivity” of Marinetti. The second is from Ancient Methods with his rare and own imprint transporting you in middle age landscapes full of metal and agony.

“The history of our country has taught us that terrorist eversion can not change things, in fact, it has often been used by power to address the fate of the community at will. It is not an exaltation of our armed struggle, we would miss it. But I do not see how it would be possible to reconstruct a civilization now in full decadence in a painless and non-gory way. It will not be the flags of peace, the barefoot marches, the fake humanitarian operations to restore dignity to our lineage. Nor are the old ideological contrasts of seventy years and the daughters of a civil war that has never really been overcome.”

Weight 300 g


Ambient, Dark, EBM, Industrial, Techno



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