Bambi OFS – Kwon 9 + Remixes – ANTI010 – MLP


  1. Kwon-9 + remixes - 01 XHAA Bambi OFS 1:30
  2. Kwon-9 + remixes - 02 AAIO Bambi OFS 1:30
  3. Kwon-9 + remixes - 03 NIXH Bambi OFS 1:30
  4. Kwon-9 + remixes - 04 NIXH (Icon Template Remix) Bambi OFS 1:30
  5. Kwon-9 + remixes - 05 AAIO (Broken English Club Remix) Bambi OFS 1:30
  6. Kwon-9 + remixes - 06 XHAA (Georgia Remix) Bambi OFS 1:30
  7. Kwon-9 + remixes - 07 AAIO (Don't DJ Remix) Bambi OFS 1:30

First striking us with his exhilarating ‘Yakka’ EP, Bambi OFS has continued to surprise us with his musical output ever since. (…) The Belgium-based producer is carving out an almost unique take on dance music with a heavy debt of gratitude to the endless rhythms and percussion-centric styles of Gamelan, and other styles of music native to Indonesia and further afield (…) the revised ‘Kwon-9’ EP goes for the jugular and ties together the percussion-heavy originals on vinyl alongside phenomenal remixes from Don’t DJ, Georgia, Icon Template and Broken English Club.” Inverted Audio

Super excited to bring this killer release on vinyl with a brand new remaster and remixes by Broken English Club, Georgia, Don’t DJ and Icon Template!

Meshing together industrial mirages and ethnofictional mindscapes, Bambi OFS provides Antibody with a new suite of polyrythmic spins.

Extending on his first ep YAKKA, KWON-9 blurs the line between the synthetic and the organic while pushing the Brussels-based producer’s interest in uneven grooves and mixed meters into sharper detail. Mirrored by the puzzling archaic-futuristic alphabet featured on the cover, this new set of trax softly draws the listener in an elusive and multi-faceted experience.

Bambi OFS is Cédric Dambrain, composer, electronic musician and virtual instruments designer based in Brussels, Belgium. Dambrain’s approach to music is motivated by an exploration of perception thresholds, psychoacoustics, and the physiological impact of sound.
This diversity of themes is matched by a wide range of productions which include electroacoustic computer music, compositions for ensembles, noise, sound installations and, more recently, club- oriented polyrythmic explorations.
Dambrain has also been composing extensively for performance artists and music theatre.

Weight 300 g



Avant Garde, Electronic, Experimental, Industrial


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