Broken English Club – Jealous God 04 – JL004 RP


  1. JG04 A1 A Square Shaped Room 1:00
  2. JG04 A2 Boxes 1:00
  3. JG04 A3 Birth Control 1:00
  4. JG04 B1 Casual Sex 1:00
  5. JG04 B2 Plastic Bag 1:00

Oliver Ho aka Broken English Club is the latest consort to Jealous God, the beautifully curated label administered by James Ruskin, Juan Mendez and Karl O’Connor. Miles away from Ho’s best known output as Raudive and under his own name, his ‘Jealous God 04’ dices with depressive and awkward post-punk, new wave and industrial memes over five icy cuts laced with speed-tweak noise and his own, blunted vocals. From the primordial no wave dub beginnings of ‘A Square Shaped Room’ the session takes shape with the drugged, sluggish electro-wave ace ‘Boxes’ and the dry, rasping delivery of knowing vocals and dissonant drones in ‘Birth Control’. B-side, ‘Casual Sex’ is the record’s most obvious dancefloor tune, mustering a muggy but lucid chug hypnotised with adder-charming whistle and Genesis-aping vocal beside the suffocating, skin-crawling atmosphere and malformed wriggle of ‘Plastic Bag’. Best Jealous God yet? It’s a toss up with the Powell remix… BOOMKAT.

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 30,50 × 30,50 × 0,4 cm


EBM, Electro, Techno, Wave


12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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