Gomorra – Omnibus Idem – SS001 – DB12″


  1. 01 The Saga Begins (SS001) 1:00
  2. 02 Good Morning (SS001) 1:00
  3. 03 Ghetto (SS001) 1:00
  4. 04 Ambient01 (SS001) 1:00
  5. 05 Submission_2 (SS001) 1:00
  6. 06 St. Clair (SS001) 1:00
  7. 07 Buena Noche (SS001) 1:00

RELEASE DATE: 26th 06 2017


Gomorra is a passionate DJ and producer from Basel, Switzerland. As an 8 year old boy playing the drums he realized that music might play a bigger role in his future life. After a while, he got his hands on the first pair of turntables and started to experiment with mixing HipHop music. Experiencing a broad variety of music and nightlife culture during those formative years he developed a deeper interest for driving rhythms and repetitive patterns. Soon he got pulled into the pulsating scene that emerged nearly 30 years ago in an industrial and rough urban area at the shore of lake Michigan well known as Detroit, the Motor City. As he already made his first steps in music production while digging HipHop, the obvious development then was to exchange the MPC with Synths and Drum Machines and explore the aesthetics of Techno on a much more profound level.        


Omnibus Idem – we are one. The Saga begins. We inhabit each moment to be our own good morning. Everybody else is the same in a different ghetto. What happens when all awareness overlaps to create an Ambient. After dawn in the subway. Submission. A new impression: St. Clair. Where the mechanic meets the organic. To end up alone in suffocation. Buena Noche. Omnibus Idem is process and creation.

Weight 500 g


Dark Ambient, Electro, Experimental, Industrial, Minimal, Techno


DB12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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