INNER8 – MYTHS – ISS002 – 12″


  1. A1 - Inner8 - Semeion Inner8 1:00
  2. A2 - Inner8 - RSA Equals ISAs Inner8 1:00
  3. B1 - Inner8 - Death Of The Eternal Man Inner8 1:00
  4. B2 - Inner8 - Anti Humanism Inner8 1:00

RELEASE DATE: 26.06.2017

Inner8 is Daniele Antezza, a multi-faceted thinker and electronic music producer, member of Dadub duo, co-founder of Artefacts Mastering Studio, Dadub Studio owner and Holotone label manager, whose regular invocation of the term praxis begins to hint at his creative aims: a primary synthesis of contemplation and action that, in turn, encourages a secondary and entirely unpredictable set of syntheses dependent upon the listener’s unique interpretation. Though the Inner8 moniker has been in existence for several years as a private nickname for, as Antezza puts it, his “experimental anarchist sounds,” his recent releases are just now surfacing which will reveal just how much this project has to communicate.

Like many transplants to Berlin’s pulsating sonic underground (Antezza moved there from Italy in 2009), his past work seems to communicate traces of the ecstatic with the argot of technical precision and / or scientific rigour. However, Antezza is not what one would call a ‘Berlin artist’ despite sharing these traits in common with the city’s most visionary producers: his work gives off an impression of restless nomadism that has little to do with representing a localized scene. Rather than carrying on the territorial / parochial projects of reinforcing an arts scene’s geographic boundaries (or even redefining the boundaries of a musical genre), Inner8 is more concerned with a holistic “deconstructive approach” through which “it’s possible to reveal the paradoxes of the dominant thought, the paradoxes behind the status quo.” His fascination with concepts as diverse as asymptotes and particle physics, though often trendy among those looking for a seat at the table of the avant-garde, is a heartfelt fascination – moreover, these interests merge perfectly with his relentless theoretical questing.

Antezza’s relationship with that city’s Stroboscopic Artefacts techno label has been a particularly fruitful one, to the point where his sound work prior to Inner8 is almost synonymous with SA’s own development. As one half of the psychonaut duo Dadub along with Marco Donnarumma, Antezza has sculpted deep and immense tracks that mesmerize with their harmonious interplay of force and ambiguity. After having co-founded and managed for years Artefacts Mastering Studio, he recently launched his brand new audio postproduction Studio (Dadub Studio), where Antezza lends his sonic signature to an eclectic variety of electronic recordings. That signature can be identified by its hyperreal sense of presence and immediacy, qualities that have become crucial to the presentation of a music that generally relies on only a few sonic elements per track to communicate its message.

Antezza also takes pride in the ritualistic quality of Inner8’s live sets; a mobile laboratory of dynamic tension in which his theories manifest as massive physical vibrations (here we can also see / hear / feel just how well Daniele has absorbed the lessons of the dub “sound system” aesthetic). 

Words: Thomas Bey Williams Bailey

Weight 300 g


Broken Beat, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Techno


12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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