Zumal – Diagnosis – FRNV01 – 12″


  1. Zumal - The Healthy Consequence of a Strict Law (Sirio Gry J Remix) 1:30
  2. Zumal - The Healthy Consequence of a Strict Law 1:30
  3. Zumal - U-bahnoid (Blush Response Remix) 1:30
  4. Zumal - U-bahnoid 1:30

Diagnosis tries to express the mistrust and the unborn rebellion towards this paradoxical world where the right ones are often unheard and good people and the author struggle to maintain their self-control and sanity. In the meanwhile the system is always on the edge of collapse and the dystopia keeps evolving. Prejudices, envy and fake respectability are always a constant.
The ep is flavored with intricate rhythms,incisive sounds and odd atmospheres with an industrial oriented A-side and a more technoid B-side and it contains 2 remixes by the sound sculptors Blush Response and Sirio Gry J.

Weight 300 g

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