Various Artists – ITR003 – 12″


  1. Eric Fetcher - Spectral 1:59
  2. Alexis Vogel - Divergence 2:00
  3. Corium - Craftsmen 1:59
  4. Matthieu Benjamin - Early Mornings 2:00

 Coming :: 01.12.2023

IT Recordings finally comes back with a new release, offering a sequel to its sound-vision.

This Various Artists project is a culmination of the refinement of IT Recordings sound-vision, guaranteeing a spacey atmosphere filled by groovy low riffs.

Eric Fetcher’s composition is the starting point of this 4-tracks story, made of a distinct atmosphere associated to some dynamically sequenced kicks.

Then follows Alexis Vogel’s Divergence made of a bright melodic synth, groovy low end and varied rhythmic patterns maintaining an intense energy throughout the track.

The 3rd composition is a fast paced rolling cut designed by Corium, that marks the highest point of this 4-tracks story.

Finally Matthieu Benjamin’s Early Mornings is the perfect conclusion to this EP, maintaining the groove of the previous tracks. A refreshing breeze after the storm, makes this project a consistent and diversified tool for the dancefloor.

A1. Eric Fetcher – Spectral

A2. Alexis Vogel – Divergence

B1. Corium – Craftsmen

B2. Matthieu Benjamin – Early Mornings


Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl




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