Various Artists – DLSN001 – DLSN001 – 12″


  1. MST A01_script-high_tension_01 1:00
  2. MST A02_mateo_hurtado-gravitational_corridor_01 1:00
  3. MST B01_stefan_tews-arc1v_01 1:00
  4. MST B02_smbr_Rebirth_01 1:00

AVAILABLE: 07.08.2017

First VA Release from Delusion..Delusion started at the beginning of 2016 in Bremen, with a same-titled event series in different Venues/Spots hosting some national and international guests, Delusion now offers its own musical output. A project which isn’t bound to any specific sound, moving between ambient, drone, experimental but mainly techno, Hardware based and analog influenced structures form harsh resonator sounds in context to playful arpeggiators and deep buzzing basses on sweet acid.

Delusion creates unknown atmospheres.

Weight 300 g




12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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