V/A – MR000 REMIXES – 12″ – MR000.0


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  1. mr000_0-a1-primitive-d_carbone-remix 1:00
  2. mr000_0-a2-proliferation-the-transhumans-remix 1:00
  3. mr000_0-b1-kollasso-ken-karter-remix 1:00
  4. mr000_0-b2-brazen-bull-ontal-remix 1:00

Monolith Records combines forces with the owner of Repitch, 3TH and Carbone Rec, D. Carbone, The Transhumans, who run the Transhuman label and recently appeared on MORD, the engineer & KRIPT label owner Ken Karter and the serbian industrial-techno duo Ontal. A powerful, solid collection of 4 remixes suitable for the dancefloor willing to extend the experience of the first record: the original MR000, also manifesto of the platform.

“Supernovas originally formed the basic chemical elements which subsequently merged in a myriad of variations, creating life as well.
All the components of our world descend from that single original replicating molecule.
In a primitive stage, a functional distribution of energy was regulating the self-selection as the only workable explanation for the design and variety of all life on this planet. Such harmony meant prosperity of hearth as a whole unique entity; a perpetual thriving of life cycles.
Meanwhile, humans developed their own ego to the point to think that they were fallen angels rather than risen apes. Their unique highly developed intelligence made humans the only rational beings on the planet, but it is by rational choice that they consciously keep inflicting pain and humiliation, a planetary torture running through the ages.
Proliferation of humans doomed the dynamics, tampering with the energy fluxes and distorting the relationships amongst the entities. By rationally choosing to ignore their native compassion, humans become guilty and they self-sentence their own end. We have gone too far and sacrificed too much to disdain the future that we designed now, while the metastasizing process of the planet grows, the past increases and the future recedes.”

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Dimensions 30,50 × 30,50 × 0,4 cm


ACID, Hard, Industrial, Techno


12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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