Tomo Akikawabaya-“The Invitation Of The Dead” – DB12″ – MW060/HAZE


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  1. Rebirth AKIKAWABAYA, Tomo 2:00
  2. Mars AKIKAWABAYA, Tomo 2:00
  3. Fire AKIKAWABAYA, Tomo 2:00
  4. Dark AKIKAWABAYA, Tomo 2:00
  5. Dizziness AKIKAWABAYA, Tomo 2:00
  6. The Invitation Of The Dead AKIKAWABAYA, Tomo 2:00
  7. Chair AKIKAWABAYA, Tomo 2:00
  8. Sleeping Sickness AKIKAWABAYA, Tomo 2:00
  9. Diamond AKIKAWABAYA, Tomo 2:00
  10. A Dream Of No Pillow AKIKAWABAYA, Tomo 2:00
  11. The Hill Of Dreams AKIKAWABAYA, Tomo 1:03

– “Haze” Version (one 12″ Black vinyl with white haze and one 12″ white vinyl with black haze) – limited to 300 copies

Minimal Wave is honored to announce an exquisite double LP release by obscure Japanese artist Tomo Akikawabaya: The Invitation of The Dead. The collection of songs include the entirety of both The Castle (1984) and Anju (1985) releases, all newly remastered. They sound fresher and stronger than ever before, exactly as the artist had intended them to sound when he recorded them 30 years ago. The songs that span this double LP are personal and unique; they are dark synthpop gems. The artist still remains a mystery, as does his relationship to the model Rena Anju featured on this and all but one of his album covers (Kojiki to Onna). The Invitation of The Dead double LP is a limited edition of 999 copies. The first 300 copies will be pressed on 160 gram black vinyl with white haze for the A/B sides and white vinyl with black haze for the C/D sides, and the remainder will be pressed on 160 gram black vinyl for the A/B sides and white vinyl for the C/D sides. The double LP will be presented in a gatefold sleeve designed by Peter Miles featuring cover photo by Alao Yokogi. The release will be available in late September.

Weight 510 g
Dimensions 30,50 × 30,50 × 0,5 cm


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