Tinfoil – On A Roll – DB12″ – TINFOILLP01


  1. A1. Tinfoil - Intro Tinfoil 0:52
  2. A2. Tinfoil - Caravan Life Tinfoil 1:30
  3. A3. Tinfoil - Beads Tinfoil 1:30
  4. B1. Tinfoil - Friendly Fumes Tinfoil 1:30
  5. B2. Tinfoil - Meadow Waltz Tinfoil 1:30
  6. C1. Tinfoil - Every Saturday Night Tinfoil 1:30
  7. C2. Tinfoil - Multi-DOMINATION Tinfoil 1:30
  8. C3. Tinfoil - Both Roads To Triogue Tinfoil 1:23
  9. D1. Tinfoil - The Wolves of Hellfire Tinfoil 1:30
  10. D2. Tinfoil - Resting Point Tinfoil 1:30

RELEASE DATE: 16.04.2018

A1. Intro
A2. Caravan Life
A3. Beads
B1. Friendly Safe Fumes
B2. Meadow Waltz
C1. Every Saturday Night
C3. Both Roads To Triogue
D1. The Wolves Of Hellfire
D2. Resting Point 

Tinfoil is the project of DeFeKT and Sunil Sharpe. Initially forged as a studio collaboration in 2014 (and later as a live show), the pair have since racked up an impressive catalogue of 12″s on their own self-titled label. Tinfoil’s sound is unique in today’s scene, reflecting the versatility of both artists, plus a combined know-how of techno and electro. Their music comes primarily from live studio jams, enforced by a desire to get quickly to the point in what they do. This is no surprise given the fast, technical way in which they each perform solo.

For their debut album, Tinfoil provide a varied but cohesive collection of tracks. Following the intro’s epic synth blasts, they open with a bang through “Caravan Life” – a sinister, bassline-driven destroyer that builds and builds over a blend of claps, filter zaps and crying feedback. “Beads” continues in a heads-down vein, this time with a more musical EBM type bass and knocking rimshots that mark the first appearance of Sunil’s role-playing, haunting lead vocals.

“Friendly Safe Fumes” marries playful bass notes to a singing lead line, as fizzling closed hats and busy claps whip things into a frenzy. Next enter the otherworldly mutant electro of “Meadow Pulse”, signaling a well-timed lull in mood to explore a silkier side to Tinfoil’s production. “Every Saturday Night” starts with a taxi conversation about horses and carbolic soap in bygone Dublin days, before launching into a volley of clattering beats and hip-shaking FM sequences.

“Multi-DOMINATION” retains some of the FM wonk and treads a broken-beated path, featuring vocals this time akin to a ritualistic chant or perhaps the murmurings of a possessed baby. “Both Roads To Triogue” meanwhile, brings us to a short intersection, splicing odd voices with a dense tribal rhythm. “The Wolves Of Hellfire” is Tinfoil in more minimal dancefloor mode, as drones filter in and out under a resonating bass that detonates at all the right times.

Closing with “Resting Point”, the climax becomes deadly. The beats are stepped and the bass boisterous, while pained screams become quickly uncontrolled, setting up for a crescendo of roughneck rhythms, ricocheting kicks and turbulent modular wails.

Tinfoil have been on a roll since the beginning but maybe “On A Roll” emphasizes this a little bit more now.

Weight 600 g




DB12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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