The POLANSKI – Intrinsic Nature feat. remixes by Rommek and Rick Vayo – HOFRIS01 – 12″


  1. A1. Polanski - Howling 1:30
  2. A2. Polanski - Howling (Rommek Remix) 1:30
  3. A3. Polanski - Limbless Tree 1:30
  4. B1. Polanski - Hypnosja 1:30
  5. B2. Polanski - Hypnosja (Rick Vayo Remix) 1:30
  6. B3. Polanski - Limbless Tree (Angel Attack Remix) 1:30

~ The Intrinsic Nature, a source, a manuscript of codes.  The essence of living beings; it takes some time to grasp its marvel. 

You can find it in everything that exists and you can also find it in nothing.

Fundamental order of all the things, such as matter. A particle —- essentially everything that existed, exists and will exist. Also the void, home of nothing. Because to be, to evolve or to exist in unpolluted way; equipped with a DNA-narrative, from a pre-mutated space dust particle, the seed of all existence, the mega-source —- The Universe. Form and matter architect, total collector of energies, the reason for life and decay.

‘Harmony in Chaos’ in infinitum and always in tandem. The two mega-forces working on par. Without any hate but not in love. Their parasitic symbiosis is neither an ebb nor a flow. The existence of dust particles in space and time —- mutating, evolving.

It is of an utter importance to once again tune in and observe the nature which radiates from within us. From the very fabric of our close surroundings, and from afar, far beyond the abyss ~

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl




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