Angel Attack – Dance dance otherwise we are lost – HOFR01 – 12″


  1. TransTanztheater (Original Mix) Angel Attack 1:30
  2. Orbits of Happiness (Original Mix) Angel Attack 1:30
  3. Incessant Maze (Original Mix) Angel Attack 1:30
  4. Orbits of Happiness (Polanski's _Is This Happiness?_ Remix) Angel Attack 1:30
  5. Incessant Maze (Filmmaker's _The Quandary_ Remix) Angel Attack 1:30

“Dance dance otherwise we are lost” is a raw and insightful EP with 5 non-conformist tracks ranging from the hard hitting yet poetic peak time [141bpm] Trans TanzTheater to Orbits of Happiness [135bpm] an unstoppable rhythmic force carrying the weight of a thousand lives. Woven by an orchestra of synths and their unescapable gravitational force, pulling you in – ever developing, ever growing.

Next up is Incessant Maze [139bpm] a projection of the mind itself. A mechanism of transcendence and transformation. A raw and ready psychedelic techno assault to shake your mind out of your body and back into again.

Following the three originals are two very special remixes from Filmmaker and Polanski that bend time and space: a blissfully dark slow tempo remix of “Orbits of Happiness” by London’s experimental techno Producer/DJ/Promoter all-in-all powerhouse Polanski. At [120bpm], the “Is this happiness?” remix has had its question answered already by the sensational feedback received so far: A sultry timeless cut. There’s no way to escape. Not that you would want to, anyway.

Finishing it off, undoubtedly one of the standout artists in 2019 rising star Colombian producer Faunes Efes’ Filmmaker project has released a slew of incredible albums and EP’s this year already. Here he delivers “The Quandary” a wild and psychedelic cut of Incessant Maze merging hypnotic vocals with an ever driving percussive power that is already getting some special support in Europe and South America [130bpm].

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl




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