The Flying Guillotine 2 – SERENACE – SC020 – 12″


  1. SC020_A1_Serenace_Current 1:46
  2. SC020_A2_Serenace_Aiming From A Distance 1:46
  3. SC020_B1_Serenace_Test 21 1:46
  4. SC020_B2_Serenace_Current (Farron Remix) 1:46

„The Flying Guillotine 2“ is the bloody sequel to Serenace’s first appearance on Shaw Cuts in 2019, continuing the head-lopping violence with a group of freedom fighters lead by the heroic Ma Teng battling against the evil despot Emperor Yung and his reign of terror.
Teng has developed a protective device, similar to a spiky metal umbrella, that allows him to defend against the deadly flying guillotine attacks of the violent regime. „Current“, its bombastic drum patterns, razor-sharp synth waves and vicious vibe strengthens the rebels to resist the brutal assaults.
But the Emperor immediately reacts, creating a double flying guillotine to counter Ma Teng’s iron umbrella and the rebel union is left defenseless again. „Aiming From A Distance“, a vivid breakbeat cut combining rolling percussion, arpeggiated synth chords and sirens from hell, raises the rebels’ hopes to give them another answer.
Secret insurgent Na Lan infiltrates the Emperor’s inner circle by gaining his trust with a group of female warriors whom he allows to train with the flying guillotine palace guards. However, Na Lan only wants to steal the plans of the improved weapon and deliver it to the rebel squad, in order to devise another counteracting force. With the crisp bassline and the energy-filled breaks of „Test 21“, the rebels can gain an insight into the elaborated guillotine and find a possible way to defeat it.
Farron’s profound techno version of „Current“ brings in the necessary tension for the final showdown. The improved double flying guillotine VS a new secret defensive system. Will the rebels be able to team up and defeat the tyrant once and for all? No matter what happens, the saga continues.

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl




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