FARRON – House Of Traps – SC019 – 12″


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  1. SC019_A1_Farron_Penny At The Chain 1:46
  2. SC019_A2_Farron_Wilshire 1015 1:46
  3. SC019_B1_Farron_Hiatus Phase 1:46
  4. SC019_B2_Farron_All In CST 1:46
  5. SC019_B3_Farron_Conback 1:46

Farron enters faster territories on this record, telling the story of the hunt after the mysterious jade antique that is hidden in the infamous „House Of Traps“.
After entering the house, one already feels the oppressive atmosphere. The ubiquitous feeling of not being welcome here is obvious when the golden walls invert and you come to face countless swordsmen ready to attack. The vigorous atmosphere of „Penny At The Chain“ boosts up your confidence for what is about to come.
But what if the intruder is skilled in kung-fu? The mob retreats automatically and bars of iron come down to confine you. „Wilshire 1015“ and its driving bassline, warm pads and whirling breaks will calm you down a bit. But what’s next?
In the twinkling of an eye, a field of razor-sharp nails come through the floor that you are standing on, and the escape route up the stairway becomes perilous as the stairs suddenly form into an array of sharp blades. „Hiatus Phase“ keeps you focused and light-footed, so you can manage the jump up to the next floor.
However the next stirring event quickly follows. The moment you feel safe, a giant golden net unexpectedly launches from every direction and traps you in the middle of the room, hung over the floor. As if this wasn’t enough, the mob is rushing back again – armed with bows and arrows. But the varied atmosphere of „All In CST“, its floating pads and filtered breaks energize you, and so you are able to make a getaway from the most lethal attack.
After dodging the giant blades suddenly swinging in from each side, you are finally there. The golden cage and its arcane content. The warmth of „Conback“ and its sparkling pads slowly fill the room as you open up the cage. Another trap, or a bright future? Find out…

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl




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